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Tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution demands global collaboration. The ECH provides essential knowledge, space for collaboration, and support for our shared future.

Kickstarting Environmental Solutions

We are facing a triple crisis: climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution each pose separate yet interconnected challenges. An integrated and mechanistic understanding and approach to these different facets of the crisis is necessary to ensure a sustainable future for us all. The ECH brings together researchers to produce excellent scientific knowledge that can provide us with solutions for this multitude of challenges.

Our Focus Areas

Latest news and projects from our focus areas:

Clean Environment

Climate Resilience

Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Changing Society

Recent Talking Points

  • 14.02.2024

    ECH in the Spotlight

    The University of Vienna’s research magazine Rudolphina has compiled a collection of[...]

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  • 24.01.2024

    Review: ECH in Discussion With Viennese Students

    On 24 January, ECH member Katrin Attermeyer and coordinator Timo Bühler, together[...]

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  • 17.01.2024

    Review: Semester Question Panel Discussion – „What Will Our Future be Made of?“

    Energy transition, circular economy, self-repairing cities: what innovative materials are needed to[...]

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  • 09.12.2023

    “Scientist of the Year” Franz Essl: Making Biodiversity Research Tangible

    Biodiversity researcher and ECH member Franz Essl from the University of Vienna[...]

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  • 25.09.2023

    Thilo Hofmann Selected for the Wiener Klimateam

    This year, the Wiener Klimateam of the City of Vienna started[...]

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  • 20.06.2023

    Review: Semester Question Panel Discussion – „Can We Still Be Saved?“

    On the question of planetary health and future, science researcher Ulrike Felt,[...]

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  • 18.04.2023

    Can We Feed the World’s Population in 2050 Without Plastic in Agriculture?

    Despite its negative effects, plastic is currently indispensable for agriculture. In this[...]

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  • Upcoming Events

  • (DE) Auftakt­veranstaltung des Forschungs­verbunds Umwelt und Klima


    Großer Festsaal der Universität Wien

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  • (DE) 11. Umwelt im Gespräch: Klimawandel und urbaner Hitzestress: Wie können Städte der Zukunft begegnen?


    Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

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