Welcome to the Environment and Climate Research Hub!

Climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution are highly complex global challenges and require integrated and interdisciplinary collaboration. To meet these challenges, the "Environment and Climate Research Hub" (ECH) bridges faculties and centres, considering disciplinary anchoring and existing high-class track records, to promote excellent research in the field of environment and climate. The ECH strengthens the reputation of the University of Vienna nationally and internationally, increases its attractiveness internationally as an employer and research site, supports the excellent education of the next generation, and promotes the internal cohesion of the University. Specifically, the research network pursues the following tasks:

  • Bundling and making visible research activities in the fields of "Environment & Climate" at the University of Vienna and integrating the existing knowledge and know-how.
  • Establishing Vienna as an internationally recognized research location in the two areas mentioned.
  • Creating a starting point for pilot studies, projects and cooperations and for joint applications to research platforms, SFBs and for other third-party funding.
  • Developing and strengthening national and international research partnerships and collaborations.
  • Promoting knowledge transfer activities by establishing new links and strengthening existing links with industry, business and the public sector.
  • Promoting knowledge exchange with society and enhancing the reputation of the University of Vienna, both nationally and internationally.

With currently more than 35 professors as active members, the research hub is now addressing junior researchers in a:

 2nd Call for Applications

After the 1st call for members in 2022 focused on Professors only, this call specifically addresses early career researchers in the field of environmental and climate research employed at the University of Vienna in Postdocand Senior Scientist level positions. Deadline: 29th May 2023

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