Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Preserving biodiversity and ecosystems to ensure a common future

Our planet is exposed to severe anthropogenic pressures with profound impacts on the climate, global biogeochemical cycles, and ecosystems resulting in the reduction of natural habitats, loss of biodiversity, and critically altered environmental systems.
Within the focus area on biodiversity and ecosystems, our researchers develop a deeper understanding of these complex and interrelated environmental changes. To reach this goal, we are connecting expertise from all relevant areas—from natural to social scientists including specialists in environmental policy, law, and economics. This way, we are able to transcend disciplinary boundaries and develop integrated solutions to the pressing challenges posed by biodiversity loss.

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News and Stories

  • 10.01.2024

    Thomas Böttcher Develops Alternatives to Antibiotics

    The ever-growing crisis of antibiotic resistance highlights the importance of new approaches[...]

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  • 09.12.2023

    “Scientist of the Year” Franz Essl: Making Biodiversity Research Tangible

    Biodiversity researcher and ECH member Franz Essl from the University of Vienna[...]

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  • 29.11.2023

    Austrian Biodiversity Council meets Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen

    Experts from the Austrian Biodiversity Council met Federal President Alexander Van der[...]

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  • 11.10.2023

    Microbial Metabolites: A New Link to Parkinson’s Disease?

    Published in Environment International, a groundbreaking study from the Institute of Biological[...]

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  • 05.10.2023

    Non-native Plants Migrate North

    In Europe and America, many of the alien plant species there originate[...]

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  • 21.09.2023

    Invasion of the Parasitic Fungi

    Fungi carried by humans can cause great damage to our ecosystems. Biodiversity[...]

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  • 04.09.2023

    Invasive Species Threaten Global Diversity and Livelihoods

    Invasive species are a major cause of global species loss and threaten[...]

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  • 14.08.2023

    Understanding the Importance of Microbiomes for Planetary Health

    Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health: Under this title, 30 scientists led by microbiologist[...]

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  • 08.08.2023

    Evidence of Hydrothermal Animals in the Pacific Ocean

    During a research cruise, an international research team led by marine biologist[...]

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  • 11.05.2023

    Environmental Protection Within Our Body

    The microbial community we carry inside us is as individual as it[...]

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  • 18.04.2023

    Invasive Species Cause as Much Damage as Natural Disasters

    Animal and plant species introduced by humans displace native species, are responsible[...]

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  • Projects

  • 14.02.2024

    MICROCLIM: A Micro-Scale Perspective on Alpine Floras Under Climate Change

    Stefan Dullinger from the Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research is leading[...]

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  • 01.01.2024

    AMooRe: Austrian Moor Restoration

    Stephan Glatzel at the Department of Geography and Regional Research is part[...]

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  • 01.01.2023

    Understanding Terrestrial Microbiomes With AI

    Shaul Pollak Pasternak at the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science[...]

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  • 01.12.2022

    MARCO-BOLO: MARine Coastal BiOdiversity Long-term Observations

    Alice Vadrot at the Department of Political Science is leading the „MARCO-BOLO“[...]

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  • 06.01.2022

    DEPOCA: Shedding Light on Dark Ocean’s Detrital Particles: Origin, Composition and Age

    Gerhard Herndl at the Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecologyis leading the[...]

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  • 01.11.2021

    AgriWeedClim – Emerging Agricultural Weeds Under Climate and Land-Use Changes in Central Europe

    Franz Essl at the Department of Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research[...]

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  • 01.02.2021

    PRINCESS: Peatland Rewetting In Nitrogen-Contaminated Environments: Synergies and Trade-Offs Between Biodiversity, Climate, Water Quality and Society

    Stephan Glatzel at the Department of Geography and Regional Research is leading[...]

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  • 01.02.2021

    Heat below the City

    Christian Griebler at the Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology is leading[...]

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  • 06.01.2020

    ECOTIP: Ecological Tipping Cascades in the Arctic Seas

    Gerhard Herndl at the Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology is leading[...]

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  • 01.01.2020

    AmazonFACE – Impacts of Elevated CO2 on the Amazon Rainforest

    Lucia Fuchslueger at the Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem at the University[...]

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  • 01.11.2018

    MARIPOLDATA: The Politics of Marine Biodiversity Data

    Alice Vadrot at the Department of Political Science is leading the „MARIPOLDATA“[...]

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  • 01.01.2015

    GloNAF: Global Naturalized Alien Flora

    Franz Essl from Department of Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research is[...]

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  • Seed Funding Projects

  • 29.01.2024

    Towards Determining the Link Between Land Use Management, Microbial Composition, and Carbon Quality in European Peatlands

    Peatlands play a critical role in the global carbon cycle, storing between[...]

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