Lee Slater, professor of Geophysics at the Rutgers University Newark, expert on near-surface geophysics and hydrogeophysics, and ECH Visiting Chair, will give a lecture on groundwater-surface water exchange processes using thermal and electrical hydrogeophysical technologies. In it, he will discuss implications of these techniques for controls on pool patterning in pristine peatlands, as well as contaminant mass flux into coastal ecosystems.

The discussion will refer to Professor Slater’s research on the topic, investigating the implementation of a toolbox of technologies across a variety of ecosystems, to characterize groundwater-surface water dynamics. The seminar will illustrate how the recent application of this toolbox has led to (1) new insights into controls on the poorly understood pool patterning observed in northern raised bogs, and (2) constraints on contaminant masses into a coastal bay impacted by heavy metals contamination from a landfill.

Hard Facts
Date: June 3rd, 2024
Time: 10:30 am
Location: ECH seminar room, Augasse 2-6, Kern A, 5. floor, 1090 Wien