Have you ever tried and failed to achieve a holistic understanding of the interconnected topic of green and social policies? In his lecture “The Politics of the EU Eco-Social Policies: The Challenges of the Green Deal”, Paolo Graziano, political scientist and ECH Visiting Professor from the University of Padua, will address these issues by offering his in-depth knowledge on the topic.

Recently, the public debate over the need to address ecological, as well as social concerns has grown substantially. Ecological, social and more traditional views sometimes seem to be in conflict. Because of this issue, a thorough understanding of the topics at hand, as well as their points of interconnection, is necessary. This is precisely the goal that Paolo Graziano is trying to achieve with his lecture. The discussion will mostly be based on his paper “The Politics of the EU-Social Policies”. Interested students and researchers are invited to pose their questions and partake in an interesting debate.

Hard Facts
Date: 14. May 2024
Time: 14:00 – 15:30
Location: Department of Sociology, Rooseveltplatz 2, 1090 Wien, 4th Floor