Stephan Glatzel at the Department of Geography and Regional Research is part of AMooRe.

Description: AMooRe will initiate the implementation of the Austrian “Moorstrategie 2030+” through development of best practice projects, stakeholder impact analysis, public relations & networking. Investigations in the planned 40 mires/surrounding areas will provide valuable information about site-adapted techniques for mire revitalization, and success of measures taken. Large-scale hydrological monitoring will provide essential insights into the significance of climate change in mires and the land use in surrounding areas. The University of Vienna will focus on establishing emission factors (EFs) for carbon storage/release of greenhouse gases from semi-natural-, disturbed-mires and mire agricultural/forestry areas. EFs describe the climate relevance of land use activities using a single number (CO2 equivalents/ha/year of storage/release). The absence of EFs for Austrian mires (except “Pürgschachen-Moor”) is a major obstacle to peatland rewetting as EFs are prerequisite for correct classification of the climate relevance of mire revitalization. Mire protection is a state-level responsibility, but related policy & law is at the federal government level. AMooRe will address existing knowledge gaps in Austrian mire protection, facilitate effective knowledge transfer to stakeholders, and address the development/expansion of interfaces between individual/state/federal management, including development of action priorities and long-term financing models, toward effecting the Austrian “Moorstrategie 2030+”.

Collaborators: The project consists of 13 partners.

Duration: 10 years (01.01.2024 – 31.12.2033)