Sabine Pahl at the Department of Department of Cognition, Emotion, and Methods in Psychology is part of the “SOS Zeropol”, a Horizon Europe project.

Description: Curbing water pollution is a top priority in Europe. Keeping seas healthy and clean can help protect the various ecosystem services we depend on such as climate regulation and food provision. The EU-funded SOS-ZEROPOL2030 project seeks to make a significant contribution to this effort. To that end, it will develop a holistic framework aiming towards zero pollution in European seas by 2030. This framework will provide practical guidance from source to sea and address shortcomings in marine pollution management. Moreover, it will increase understanding of existing obstacles regarding prevention, reduction, mitigation and monitoring of marine pollution in European seas. As part of this project, Sabine Pahl and her team are providing an Environmental Psychology perspective on stakeholder perspective, investigating human behaviour, socioeconomics, and governance.

Collaborators: The University of Vienna is part of 9 collaborators in this project.

Duration: 4 years (1.9. 2022 – 31.8 2026)