Mat White at the Cognitive Science Hub is leading “RESONATE”  Horizon Europe funded project.

Description: The University of Vienna is leading this  project on nature-based social prescribing. Evidence suggests that contact with “nature” can help mitigate some of society’s most pressing health and social challenges, thus sparking the establishment of various interventions to support people’s access to nature. Despite this development, we still know little about the effectiveness of these interventions for health and social outcomes, the equitability of their use across different social groups, their environmental, economic, and social impact, an the barriers and enablers of establishing and expanding such programmes.

The RESONATE project explores all of these issues, aiming to provide practical guidelines and tools for Nature-based Therapy (NbT) implementation.

Collaborators: 14 participating organisations

Duration: June 2023 – May 2027 (4 years)