Yuri Kazepov at the Department of Sociology is part of the „GetCoheSive“ project and leads the Vienna case study.

Description: GetCoheSive is an Interreg Central Europe project and experiments with new participatory strategies to enhance the democratic capacity in policymaking within four urban contexts: Berlin, Bologna, Ljubljana and Vienna. The Vienna case study addresses sustainability projects and participatory practices in three policy domains: Environment, Migration and Elderly care. Yuri and his team aim to improve the co-planning between Public Authorities and Third Sector Organizations in access to services and environmental issues. They focus on improving participatory and deliberative processes, particularly in the critical policy fields of access and delivery of care services and environmental policies. By doing so, they hope to improve the quality of policies and make societies more equal and cohesive.

Collaborators: GetCoheSive consists of 11 partners from 4 different countries.

Duration: 3 years (01.04.2023 – 31.03.2026)