Lukas Brunner at the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics is leading the HighResLearn Project.

Description: Funded by the Austrian Climate Research Programme (ACRP) and the Austrian Climate– and Energy Fund, the project develops methods to make the most out of the newest, highly resolved climate simulations. It is structured in two main parts. The first step is the development of data recipes for high-resolution climate data in collaboration with the research community in Austria. These recipes provide processing tools, accompanying documentation, and examples. They are built in coordination with the European Horizon 2020 project NextGEMS which provides the global, high-resolution climate simulations that serve as a starting point for the processing. This will be followed by the development of methods for the extraction and analysis of actionable climate information from highly resolved climate data. The data can come from different sources covering different spatial scales such as NextGEMS (global), CORDEX (Europe, Alpine region), and ÖKS (Austria). The methods will build on recent advances in machine learning for climate science and will apply them to regional data for Austria and Europe. In addition, HighResLearn will closely coordinate and collaborate with the national and international research community to build bridges between global and regional climate modeling. A special focus is also given to the communication of results to a broader public, for example by working with our local project partner Klimadashboard Austria.

Collaborators: Aiko Voigt (University of Vienna), University of Innsbruck, GeoSphere Austria, CCCA, Klimadashboard

Duration: 4 years (01.06.2024 – 31.05.2028)