After the first research retreat in April, the ECH welcomed 35 members to attend our second research retreat at the College Garden Hotel in Bad Vöslau. The retreat brought together senior and early career researchers with the aim to find common ground for research areas and to broaden the collaborative horizons of the Hub. The enthusiasm of the participants in exploring the research themes at the retreat was pivotal in shaping the development of the ECH’s strategic focus areas.

Some participant feedback:

„I generally thought there is a lot of dirive and motivation to actually find meaningful ways forward to address and influence environmental and climate change issues. The discussions were mostly productive and interesting.“

„My highlight was the positive attitude of each participant towards interacting / collaborating with each other. I also found out more about the huge potential the ECH provides to work highly interdisciplinary on the environment and climate theme by getting to know the numerous subjects of the participants. One of the most intriguing positive things I took out were the chances to build collaborative networks across disciplines within the University of Vienna within the members of ECH. I also particularly liked the fact that no distinctions were made between ECRs and professors. We all discussed „on the same level“ the whole time. That is perhaps something that shouldn’t matter anyway, but unfortunately it is not always the case. „