Throughout the academic year, numerous opportunities arise to disseminate research and engage in dialogue with various audiences – whether at major events such as research nights, science festivals, and science slams, or through smaller outreach activities in schools, community centers, and museums. But how can research be made easily accessible and inspiring? What constitutes successful dialogue, and how can it be ensured that the exchange is enriching for all involved?

The Environment and Climate Research Hub at the University of Vienna invites researchers, Post-Docs and PhDs with a focus on environmental and climate research to a free, practice-oriented training for science engagement. This offers a unique opportunity to exchange communication ideas with experts and environmental researchers from various disciplines and delve into the following questions through practical examples from the field of environment and climate:

  • What are the key concepts of science engagement, and how can I apply them in practice?
  • Which contexts are suitable for face-to-face communication of my research (events, schools, projects, children’s university, etc.), and what should I consider?
  • What are my communication goals, and how can I achieve impact?
  • How can I consider the prior knowledge, interests, and diversity of target audiences in planning and implementation?
  • How can language, communication techniques, and storytelling be used to make complex scientific concepts accessible?

The morning provides a compact and hands-on insight into interactive, dialogue-oriented science communication (Science Engagement). Participants will learn diverse methods for making research accessible in face-to-face settings and fostering an enriching dialogue with the public. In the afternoon, under the guidance of experienced science communicators, participants will develop a concept for their own Science Engagement activity for a context of their choice. Upcoming opportunities and contexts for implementing your activity include the European Researcher´s Night (September), a pop-up Knowledge°room on Sustainability and Climate (October), mobile activities in parks (Summer), becoming a Science Ambassador for schools (anytime), etc.



Registration is only open to ECH members and PhD students at the University of Vienna.

Our Partner

We are very pleased to be able to work with the Science Center Network on this workshop.